Bishop christopher a. samonte

I'm Rev. Bishop Christopher A. Samonte. I'm 41 years old. I'm married and have three siblings. I was started the pioneering work in the ministry on October 25,2007. Then I used by God to plant five churches and 10 home based churches in the Philippines. Why I want to attend the 2023 Ashley Estrada Ministries Global Leadership Conference? Because I want to personally meet as many of the the sponsors and partners as I can and to say Thank you!. I really blessed by God since I've been connected to Apostle Ashley Estrada Ministry. Every church that I planted started with a feeding program. And as a VOICE for the voiceless in the Philippines I want to say that my engagement with AEM has allowed me to grow and share the Word of God in the Philippines. It believe that the 2023 Conference will allow this to happen.