Pastor Meng Aun Hour

Dr. Meng Aun Hour
Graduated Phnom Penh Bible School in 1995.
Asian School of Development and Cross-Cultural Studies (ASDECS)
Eight years’ study on the Life of Christ and World Mission and the Life of Paul through Theological Education by Extension (TEE)
Many years of learning through Asian Access, first as a participant in 2002, then continuing as National Director
The Apostolic School in Queensland, Australia, led by John Alley
Leadership and Church Planting through The Bible League’s Project Philip Church Planting Institute
Training in Youth Evangelism through sports with the International Sports Leadership Training Institute in Seoul, KoreaReceived Honorary Doctorate from Azusa Pacific University in 2018
ExperiencePlanted the Followers of Jesus church in Phnom Penh in 1995. I continue to serve as Senior Pastor. Since 1996, FOJ has planted an additional 37 churches.
Became director of United Pastors Fellowship in 1998. UPF members represent more than 1,000 churches across Cambodia.
Became National Director for Asian Access Cambodia in 2002. Since beginning A2 in Cambodia, we have held six classes, training 118 top-level leaders.
Appointed Chairman of Theological Education by Extension in 2007.
In 2008, our A2 Cambodia Working Team launched the School of Discipleship, which adapts the A2 training for grassroots leaders in Cambodia. SOD has trained more than 75 grassroots leaders.
Became Chairman United Churches of Cambodia (UCC) in 2010. UCC is a network of 158 churches who are passionately committed to outreach and compassion ministry throughout our country.
Appointed Chairman of the Timothy All Project (TAP) in 2013.

Married to Rady Chan Hour