Apostle Ashley Estrada 

Founder of AEM

Apostle Ashley C. Estrada is the Founder and President of Kingdom Life International Christian Center, on the beautiful island of St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands and Kissimmee, Florida.  In addition to having been a pastor for over 40 years, Apostle Estrada has served as a father to many pastors and ministers.  In this capacity, God has used him to be an avenue for causing divine connections to take place.  Apostle Estrada delivers a strong apostolic word and operates in the prophetic and healing gifts.  

​One aspect of the vision of Apostle Estrada is the birthing of new churches in various states and countries of the world.  His organization, Ashley Estrada Ministries, exists to provide the whole counsel of God to all who will receive it.  His vision to spread God’s Word around the world has taken him to Japan over 50 times, where he is assisting many churches to experience growth.  He has also ministered in several parts of the United States, the Philippines, Nigeria, South Africa, Cambodia, Scotland, Albania, India and the Ukraine, as well as several countries throughout the Caribbean.  

​Apostle Estrada has become a VOICE for the Voiceless.  He believes in his mission to spread the Word of God to individuals who need God and we need to meet them at the level of their need. We need to show Jesus’s love for the poor, for children, the less fortunate, the marginalized.  We cannot speak of God’s love if we are not willing to show that love by helping to address their needs.  Apostle Estrada believes in what Jesus said in Matthew 25:31-45.  

 His love for God and heart of compassion has kept him saying yes to be God’s hands outstretched to the world. Many can testify to hearing him say, “My heart is to help people”.

 Apostle Estrada resides in Kissimmee Florida with his wife Pastor Marcia and is the proud father of Joel, Kenneth, Kristel, Jesse, and Jeriah and the grandfather of Ja’el, Kezia, Ethan, and Kenneth Mark Cole and Kaela.

    The History of Ashley Estrada Ministries



    Even though AEM became a registered 501c3 non-profit entity about four and a half years ago, the work that is presently being done was started by Ashley Estrada over 38 years ago.  From his conversion in 1974 after reading Matt 25:31-45. Apostle Estrada has had a drive to practice what Jesus said in that chapter.  After graduating from Bible College and accepting the pastorate of a small church, he immediately began and maintained a drive to support missions.

    ​After migrating to the Virgin Islands in the 1980’s, Apostle Estrada established a ministry which started to support missionaries all over the world after six months.  Because of his love for missions, he has taken many teams to various nations to be exposed to missions’ work.

    After sensing the leading of the Lord to relinquish the pastoral reigns at Kingdom Life he migrated to Orlando to concentrate on helping to build up and support pastors in various parts of the world.  A few years ago, AEM decided to take its mission work to another level from just providing financial support to missionaries to becoming engaged in seeking to change the status of individuals by addressing their basic needs.  To that end AEM has undertaken to providing fresh water wells to villages in Cambodia, providing medical services, sponsoring education for children who are not afforded the opportunities and the hosting of Pastoral Conferences.

    AEM has also been able to purchase land in The Philippines & Cambodia  for agricultural purposes and has also been able to build small houses for those who had no homes or who lived in thatched houses.  We have also helped in the feeding of the hungry in that country.  In the nation of Nigeria, for many years AEM has been involved in the support of an orphanage and in helping to assist in supporting students with their university education.  AEM is not only involved in overseas missions, but is also assisting on a national level helping to assist students in college and those with pressing needs from time to time.  In the past, AEM has helped to finance college students with their education.

    The driving force to the mission of AEM can be found in Proverbs 31:8-9 and Proverbs 24:10-12.  It is based on these verses that the ministry has chosen to a “VOICE for the voiceless.”  AEM expects to increase its involvement in the nations that its presently serving, as well as other nations.