advocate pastor ll holele and drk(mashishi)

Ps Holele & DrK are ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ in South Africa. Besides their professions

(a lawyer and a veterinarian, also psychology student), they minister to married couples and singles

internationally. They hold annual revolutionary international marriage conferences, attended by

more than a 1200 delegates in 2022 at Sun City resort in Rustenburg - South Africa.

Ps Holele accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour on the 27 th of November 1998 when

Apostle Estrada came and preached the gospel of Jesus Christ in Mahikeng South Africa.

Apostle and Pastor Marcia Estrada mean a whole lot to the Holele family. They have even named

their first born daughter, WISDOM, as a result of the preaching of Apostle Estrada in South Africa.

The Holeles together with their 2 girls (Wisdom and Faith) minister to marriages together.

Attending the AEM Conference is a “Kingdom-Life” injection into the lives of the Holele family to

continue impacting marriages around the globe and to fulfil the family God-given vision of Gathering

4000 married couples in Sun City every year to the glory of God).

The coming of Apostle Estrada and Pastor Marcia Estrada, together with Prophet Troy King and his

wife Pastor Nicole King and Lesley-Ann Gumbs to attend the annual marriage conference in 2022

impacted many lives and churches.

The two specific cases AEM AEMwent all out for and has already impacted are -

 The lives of 59 children at a crèche in Ledig (a location just outside Sun City)

o Apostle Estrada was approached by someone who referred him to help a Crèche in


o Work is already underway, facilitated by the Holele family, as a “Voice to the

voiceless” and as representatives of AEM in South Africa, to -

 replace 3 broken doors at the crèche

 buy matrasses for the children to sleep on

 receive clothes for the children to be sent by a volunteer to the crèche

 The life of a suicidal boy who has no Identity document (South African Identity document)

o Apostle Estrada was again approached by a couple that attended the marriage

conference and requested to assist.

o The Apostle delegated the Holele family to investigate and the investigation is


o Money has been deposited by AEM into the bank account of the carers of the young

man, who must do a DNA test to get a birth certificate, in order for the Department

of Home Affairs in South Africa to issue him with an ID Doc, for him to be able to do

and write matric exams in 2023 in Zeerust (North West Province).

The Holele family is looking forward to 2023 and beyond, as attending the AEM is reconnection to

the PIECE OF THE PUZZLE (the Estradas) and it is far more than an attendance and fellowship for

them. Being present at the conference is a lifetime commitment of the family that left the Holeles in

2022 highly geared up to do the work before them.

God bless you!!