Elizabeth Jn Baptiste

My name is Beverly  Elizabeth Jn Baptiste.I am a Trinidadian.

I attended primary  and secondary schools, I  also  attended  West  Indies  School  of Theology from 1977 to 1979.

In August  of 1979 I  married  Benedict Jn Baptiste a St Lucian  and moved to St.Lucia, where I assisted my husband in pastoring  Bethel Pentecost Chapel a member church of the Pentecostal Assembly of the West Indies. I also co founded Redemption Ministries in 1985.

In January of 2020 I  was  scrolling through Facebook and came across my friend  Marcia  teaching at a service in St. Thomas, it was  a Wednesday night and learnt  it was a  covenant night.  I called my husband and  we watched and followed for the rest of the week, and signed the contracts (I still  have  my dollar notes from then.)

I  left  St.Lucia for Trinidad to attend my mom's 100th birthday  celebration, on returning Pastor  Estrada and Sis Marcia were teaching from their home, encouraging the viewer as they moved from  one topic to another, one being 'Piece of the puzzle' I never stopped listening  to the program up to this day. 

Their vision for  AEM and what  they have done  captivated my interest to be a partner, my desire  to support in the way I would  like  to, has been  hinder by  a lack of funds BUT it would not  always be like that for one  day  I will be  a pay master in the name of Jesus. 

Uncertain in terms of what is the role as a representative, there is a deep desire in me to push the cause of AEM and attending  Conference would certainly propel me towards the leader I aspire to be.  Beverly E. Jn Baptiste