Pastor kiptoo naibel

My name is Pastor Luka Kiptoo Naibei from Kitale Kenya ,AEM Kenyan Representative and a

Pastor at Kitalale Bible Community Church a church 328 Km from Nairobi located 8 Km from

Kitale Town along Kitale-Kisawai Road. The church has been instrumental in championing the

rights of the voiceless in different villages being a church located in a cosmopolitan area with so

many tribal communities living in the area.

My attendance to 2023 AEM Global leadership summit being a world class event will greatly

help me to grow my leadership skills, access a wealth of leadership insight, gain knowledge on

how to face challenges while guiding my congregation with a fresh perspective and being a

Kenyan representative use the skills gained to impact positively on my community and Kenya as

a whole.

Coming from a minority community neglected so much on development issues I intend to use

the skills gained to nurture the youths, the aged and those vulnerable in the society.The youths

will in thus help us in our regular community outreach programs which include “Jigger

eradication campaign, Feeding program for the needy, building homes for the windows

,orphans and the most extremely vulnerable groups among others “ which we have being

carrying with the continued support by AEM Ministry our core sponsor