Uris Archibald

I am Uris Archibald a personal friend of Apostle Estrada and Pastor Marcia Estrada. We are all graduates of the West Indies School of Theology in Trinidad, where I was privileged to spend some time there with them during my studies. 

I am a Pastor/Church planter in my home country of Guyana, South America after years of doing the same in St.Vincent and Canada. I first connected with AEM 4 years ago after my church services were suspended due to the COVID 19 outbreak. Because of the financial support from this ministry I was able to relaunch our church.

As a home Missionary, I sometimes feel isolated and overwhelmed by the needs and demands of the ministry. This conference will be a time to rub shoulders with people of like mind and vision and help me to be refreshed physically, mentally and spiritually. It will give me that much needed impetus to advance the work of the Kingdom here.I look forward with great expectations to being there.


Pastor Uris Archibald 

Kingdom International Christian Center 

Guyana, South America 🇬🇾